breach impact

You can’t predict or prevent security breaches.

The best defense is to add ADDITIONAL layers of protection, making it extremely hard for malicious actors to break through the defenses and also render breached files USELESS to the offenders

Hello there!

We are Shard Security and we offer simple yet powerful protection for your documents.

Shard Security is built on a proprietary, a patent-pending security platform that encrypts, shards, and stores files on a decentralized multi-cloud storage network providing, multi-layer protection from internal or external threats.

Our Solution

Shard Security is built on the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and Blockchain concepts.

Your Benefits

  • Renders the breached files unusable
  • Secures files even in the event of a breach
  • Seamlessly integrates into workflows (no lift)
  • Is much more affordable than current offerings
  • Simple to use (no configuration settings)
  • Ability to protect extremely large files


Our B2B solution is 100% API compatible, doesn’t require any code changes and it can be inserted between your application and storage layer.


Our cloud-based solution enables consumers to protect their files on their local or cloud drives such as Google Drive, Amazon Drive, DropBox, and others.

Even if a hacker gaining access to multiple storage layers, they can’t assemble the documents.

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